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About us


Project F.A.M.E. is an artistic entrepreneurial program, which is a creative outlet that hosts and introduces young people of today to a variety of creative mediums. All of the “hands on” creative lessons can potentially plant a seed or spark the interest of a young influential mind in a more creative and productive path than what’s offered in the public school systems.

Project F.A.M.E. is a cutting edge program, inspiring both creativity and business, acknowledging the needs of todays youth within the real world. The instructors and educators within project F.A.M.E. have their finger on the pulse of today’s youth culture, which makes for a more realistic and open approach to communication with a mutual understanding of each young creative, and their space.


The mission of “Project F.A.M.E” is to enlighten the young creative mind in a direction toward prosperity through the creative arts and technology. By using the imagination to design, develop, brand and promote product(s) from it’s original conception to it’s final point of purchase and consumption, all channeled through the creative arts.

Project F.A.M.E. workshops are a versatile curriculum of creativity and product development. A hands on approach to being an independent, creative and inventor with the ability to monetize ones ideas and or products in a free capitalist society. 


Project FAME has been a service provider for the NYC  Arts program since 2015. Developing a creative outlet in each of the boroughs, Project FAME aspires to be a staple amongst the creative youth within the community.